HRSA Monthly reports from Stephen Worley

These reports include information about recent incidents and how to avoid them, reports of bravery and information about how to keep your rowers as safe as possible. It is recommended that these reports are shared as widely as possible.

HRSA April 2024 – list of updates to Rowsafe – the latest edition of Rowsafe has now been published and is available from the British Rowing website here

HRSA March 2024 – Safety Advisory – Guidance for Rowing When Water Quality is Poor

HRSA February 2024

HRSA January 2024

HRSA December 2023

HRSA November 2023 – Safety Alert – Automated External Defibrilators

HRSA October 2023

HRSA September 2023

HRSA August 2023

HRSA July – Safety Alert – Launch pre-use checks

HRSA June 2023 – Safety Alert – Coping with the behaviour of others

HRSA May 2023

HRSA April 2023

HRSA March 2023

HRSA February 2023

HRSA January 2023

HRSA December 2022

HRSA November 2022

HRSA October 2022

HRSA September 2022

HRSA August 2022

HRSA July 2022 – Safety Alert – Avoiding and Treating Heat ExhaustionRespect the Water Poster

HRSA June 2022 – Safety Alert Manual Lifejackets in Gigs

HRSA May 2022

HRSA April 2022 – Safety Alerts: Heel Restraints and Float to Live

HRSA March 2022 – Safety Alert: Do not wear a Dryrobe when afloat

HRSA February 2022

HRSA January 2022 – Safety Alerts: Keep a good lookoutReturning to fitness after CovidStay on your feet

2021 Incident Analysis

HRSA December 2021

HRSA November 2021 and Safety Alert – Avian Flu

HRSA October 2021 and Safety Alert – Stay with the boat

HRSA September 2021

HRSA August 2021

HRSA July 2021 and Safety Alert – Get help to buy your own AED

HRSA June 2021

HRSA May 2021 and Safety Alert – Check out your tow bar

HRSA April 2021, Boat Trailer Presentation, European Resuscitation Council Guidelines

RowSafe 2021 published

HRSA March 2021

Safety Alert – be kind to yourself (return to rowing) March 2021

HRSA February 2021

HRSA January 2021

Incident Analysis 2020

HRSA December 2020

HRSA November 2020

HRSA October 2020 and Presentation on RowSafe updates

HRSA September 2020

HRSA August 2020 report and Safety Alert – Lightning

HRSA July 2020 report

HRSA June 2020, Sepsis Warning and link to the Quiz hosted on the East Midlands site

HRSA April 2020, updates to RowSafe and Quiz

HRSA March 2020 and Advice for Indoor Rowers

HRSA February 2020 and Safety Alert for Indoor Rowing

HRSA January 2020

HRSA December 2019

HRSA November 2019

HRSA October 2019

HRSA September 2019

HRSA August 2019

HRSA July 2019

HRSA June 2019

HRSA May 2019

HRSA April 2019

HRSA March 2019

HRSA February 2019

HRSA January 2019