HRSA Monthly reports from Stephen Worley

These reports include information about recent incidents and how to avoid them, reports of bravery and information about how to keep your rowers as safe as possible. It is recommended that these reports are shared as widely as possible.

HRSA January 2021 and Incident Analysis 2020

HRSA December 2020

HRSA November 2020

HRSA October 2020 and Presentation on RowSafe updates

HRSA September 2020

HRSA August 2020 report and Safety Alert – Lightning

HRSA July 2020 report

HRSA June 2020, Sepsis Warning and link to the Quiz hosted on the East Midlands site

HRSA April 2020, updates to RowSafe and Quiz

HRSA March 2020 and Advice for Indoor Rowers

HRSA February 2020 and Safety Alert for Indoor Rowing

HRSA January 2020

HRSA December 2019

HRSA November 2019

HRSA October 2019

HRSA September 2019

HRSA August 2019

HRSA July 2019

HRSA June 2019

HRSA May 2019

HRSA April 2019

HRSA March 2019

HRSA February 2019

HRSA January 2019