JIRR 2022

JIRR 2022

JIRR 2022 – Nottingham 23rd April 2022 – it was windy!

A team of 85 juniors age 14- 16 were selected from 12 rowing clubs/ schools to represent the region in the Junior Interregional rowing regatta. The regatta was held at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham on 23rd April 2022.

Strong and gusty tail winds were blowing down the course making for very challenging conditions more akin to coastal rowing. The start had been moved to the quietest water but from about halfway into the race the water became really choppy when keeping going and avoiding catching crabs was the order of the day.

The Eastern teams rose to the challenge admirably. There were a couple of equipment problems which caused disappointment. Nine crews won medals out of the 25 events and overall the team was placed a very creditable 5th (out of 12 regional teams).

The real winners though were all of those that took part, accepting the challenge with enthusiasm and with a significant display of rowing skills to keep the boats moving through the tricky conditions.

Many thanks to all those that contributed to the day – the coaches and the athletes; the parents and the trailer drivers; support of the Eastern Region Rowing Council : and those involved in organising the event itself as well as the selection events that were held at Bedford HOR and the sculling trials at Peterborough.

It was great to have the event running again after missing three years due to covid and weather. We are all looking forward to next year – we hope we can do even better.

The following clubs/schools from the Eastern region had athletes selected for the competition:

Bedford schoolNorwich BC
Bedford Girls School Norwich School
Bedford Modern SchoolCambridge 99
NorthamptonCity of Cambridge
LeaRob Roy

Medals were won by the following Eastern crews:

WJ14 1x  Gold (Lea)J16 8+  Silver (Bedford School)Wj16 4x Silver (Lea)
J15 4+  Gold (Norwich School)WJ15 4x+ Silver (Norwich School)J16 4x Bronze (Lea)
WJ15 2x Gold (Peterborough)WJ16 2x Silver (Rob Roy)J16 4+ Bronze (Bedford Modern School)