JIRR 2020

JIRR 2020

16th March – JIRR 2020 Cancelled

Following the latest advice from Public Health England British Rowing have reviewed all the events directly managed by BR and have decided that none of those scheduled on or before April 30th will take place. The full details are here.

Amongst the events affected is the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta 2020 which has been cancelled to minimise unnecessary travel.

This sad, unsurprising and ultimately wise decision will frustrate the athletes, coaches and families of those aspiring to compete. The Region expresses its thanks to all those who have engaged with us and especially with Helen Knowles and her team.

Eastern Region JIRR selection arrangements ** Update 13th March**

Given the cancellation due to weather of the third planned selection event in Cambridge this weekend, coaches of junior crews that entered have been notified of the intended approach to selection for the team. 18 clubs and 100 crews were entered to compete for the JIRR selection this weekend and it is not now possible to run a replacement event.

All those entering the Champs event have been written to and coaches have been asked to provide as much information as possible about their strongest crews in order to progress the selection. We hope that athletes and coaches will recognize that this is the best that can be done in these difficult  circumstances. If you have not received the email please contact Helen Knowles directly.

We are aware of the fluidity of the situation caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 but continue to plan for a successful JIRR Regatta.

At the start

Revised arrangements for Eastern Region JIRR Selection

Message from Helen Knowles, Team Manager

Following the cancellation of the Peterborough event on March 1st, the back up plan of using Champs Head on March 15th in Cambridge is in place. 

Entries are through BROE in the usual way; JIRR crews should be marked on BROE.  The competition documents are to be found here https://championrowing.org.uk/champs-races/champs-junior-sculling-head/.  Entries close on March 6th 12 noon but earlier entry is recommended. 

In order for fair comparison of crews it is important that JIRR selection crews race in the same division. I have undertaken a detailed analysis of the doubling up entries for Peterbrough – the aim being to reduce (but not eliminate) potential conflicts. In light of this the events should be raced in the following divisions.

Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
WJ16 4x
WJ14 2x
WJ15 1x
WJ16 2-
WJ16 1x
WJ14 4x+
WJ15 2x
WJ16 8+
WJ16 2x
WJ15 4x+
WJ14 1x
WJ16 4+
WJ15 4+
J14 4x+
J16 2x
J16 1x
J15 2x
J16 4x
J15 1x
J14 2x
J16 8+
J15 4x+
J14 1x
J16 4+
J15 4+

Please ensure that your JIRR selection crews are entered into the allocated division. 

Clearly as there are 3 divisions, there is more limited scope for boat sharing and doubling. However this is a back up arrangement and is the best that can be done in the circumstances. Coaches may need to prioritize their entries. 

Arrangements for refund of Peterborough entries is in hand. 

We are very grateful to the organizers of the Champs Head for allowing JIRR selection at their event.

* Cancellation of JIRR Trials event *

The Committee of the Eastern Region Junior Interregional Trials have reviewed the conditions that are predicted for Sunday and have reluctantly taken the decision to CANCEL the event.

Water levels continue to rise with more rain falling and in the forecast. Winds are also forecast to be strong with powerful gusts and we have taken the view that safe, fair and enjoyable racing is not possible.

Refunds of all entry fees paid will take place over the next few days and a further announcement will be issued with regard to the selection process for crews by the end of the weekend.

Thank you for your entries and for your patience with us while we took this difficult decision.

Junior Trial event – statement on Thursday 27th.

The Committee of the Eastern Junior Interregional Trials continue to assess conditions at Peterborough and monitor the weather forecast. There is still some uncertainty as to the timing, track and effects of Storm Jorge. A final decision will be taken tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm and communicated as soon as possible thereafter.

Junior Trial event 1st March – Statement from the Race Committee

The situation as of today (Monday 24th) is that the rowing lake at Peterborough and its surrounds are very significantly flooded. The advice received is that whilst the situation may well improve, the lake will not be able to support multi lane side by side racing by the date of the JIRR event on March 1st. The amount of water in the system, debris and the need to identify and secure underwater hazards contribute to the risks. 

The Race Committee have therefore decided that in the interests of safe and fair racing, the trials will take place as a time trial only  event. Key elements of the plan are: 

  • The number of boats on the water at any one time will be restricted
  • Additional safety information and arrangements for boating and the detail of a revised circulation pattern will be issued (on website) in due course once the exact situation is clearer. 
  • There will be a safety briefing for all coaches, volunteers and competitors to attend – at 10 am and  1 pm 

The Race Committee will be reviewing the position during the course of the week and publish a further statement by 6pm Thursday as to whether this event is safe to go ahead or if there is a need to cancel the event in the interest of safe and fair racing. 

Running Order for events is here

The full draw is here

Safety and Competitor Information

Protection and Juniors and Adults at Risk

Sweep selection event

In view of the cancellation of Bedford HOR today, the plan will be to use Champs Junior Head on the 15th March in Cambridge as indicated in the selection policy . 

The eights events (WJ16 and J16) are asked to enter in Division 2 

The fours events  (WJ 16 4+;  J16 4+; WJ15 4+; J15 4+)   are asked to enter in div 3 

The event is open for entries on BROE. 


Please ensure your entry is marked for JIRR entry selection on BROE.

We would like to thank the organizers of both Bedford HOR and Champs HOR for the support that they have provided to assist in JIRR selection. 

Please note that the remainder of the events for JIRR will be selected on 1st March at Peterborough as advertised below.

Lets hope that March brings in some more suitable racing conditions for us all. 

Further details of this exciting event here

Safety document and Competitor Instructions

Eastern Region will be entering a full and highly competitive team into the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta 2020.

In order to select the best young athletes in a transparent and fair way the Region has developed a Selection Policy which all coaches and athletes are encouraged to read.

The Region will run a selection regatta for sculling events and pairs at Peterborough on 1st March, with larger sweep crews being selected from results at Bedford 4s and 8s Head on 9th February.

In order to take part in this exciting process please enter your crew’s details on the Expression of Interest form here – please direct any queries to the Team Manager on errcjuniors@gmail.com