SGP – Return to Rowing

SGP – Return to Rowing

Eastern Region is running a series of Open Forums to discuss the challenges faced when organising a return to rowing. The sessions have been organised and run by Tracy Muir, Chair of the Regional Coaching Committee, and Louise Rivett, Regional Representative.

The sessions enable Clubs to collaborate in developing processes and using all the guidance that is available.

The next Open Forum will take place on 9th July from 19.30. This will focus on the latest version of the Return to Rowing guidance issued by British Rowing yesterday (Monday 29th June).

This will focus on the changes to process and activity that Clubs consider possible, and the learning and responses that have taken place in our journey back onto the water.

Details of the session and registration here.

Notes from the session on 19th June are available here.

Lou Rivett writes:

The information I gave you on recent guidelines from the Resuscitation Council was not entirely correct for the general public and although performing CPR without medical fitted masks is not safe in terms of being infected through aerosol generation of secretions from the victim, the guidelines do give suggestions of what you can do to minimise your risk, should you decide to do it. (See link in notes)

I also reflected on what I said about health care professionals not giving CPR, and realised that this would sound quite alarming and I would like to clarify that I meant without medical masks, which of course would be available in hospital. I work in the community where there is a possibility of being somewhere without access to a mask, and only in that case would we be in a position potentially not to attempt it.

Notes of the session on 25th May are available to download here

Notes from the sessions of 16th and 18th May are available here.

Clubs willing to share the protocols that they have published are welcome to send links or documents to Andrew Blit or to add links as Comments below. All such plans remain the responsibility of Clubs.

Clubs should also refer to the ERRC Covid-19 page for latest news as it emerges.

Broadlands BC C plan, expected behaviours and risk assessment 15/5

City of Cambridge COVID-19 Protocols and Risk Assessment

Lea RC – COVID-19 Rules and Risk Assessment

Milton Keynes RC Procedures for Rowing during COVID-19 Restrictions

St.Ives RC Covid-19 Plan

St.Neots RC Club Plan, Risk Assessment and Polices

Star Club Safe Rowing Plan

Sudbury RC Plans, Processes and Risk Assessments and Video

Tyne ARC Guidance for return to rowing

Yare BC plan, behaviours, risk assessment and process chart


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