The coaching journey is an exciting and sometimes challenging one so working with a Mentor can be a great help. A Mentor is someone who you can ask for help and guidance when developing your coaching. It works like this:

If you would like to apply for a Mentor…

A mentor can help you at any stage of your coaching career. First think about the area that you would like support with. This could be your coaching style, a technical problem, managing different situations or where you want to be on your coaching pathway. 

  • Read through the Mentor biographies and choose up to three ‘available’ Mentors that you think could help you.
  • Complete this request form which gives us information about you and allows you to say which Mentors you would like to meet.
  • Once the request form has been sent you will receive an acknowledgement email while your request is being reviewed by the scheme administrator.
  • The scheme administrator will get back to you with the contact details of your most suitable Mentor so that you can arrange an informal meeting (please note that you are likely to be the one who needs to travel).
  • At the initial meeting share your rowing experience and explain what it is you would like to achieve by having a Mentor, ask questions and be open about your needs as everything you share will be treated in confidence.
  • If you agree that you can work together, download a copy of the mentoring agreement form and send it to the scheme administrator to indicate that your Mentoring partnership has begun.
  • Meetings usually take place monthly by agreement and the arrangement lasts for approximately 6 months.
  • The scheme administrator will contact you at the 3-month and 6-month points for some feedback.

If you would like to be a Mentor…

If you feel that you have the time, skills and experience needed to become a rowing Mentor we would be delighted to add you to the Register. You will need to:

  • Register your details by completing this form which will automatically go to the administrators.
  • Write a short biography (maximum 200 words) detailing your experience and qualifications that includes where you are based and the radius you can cover. Here are some guidelines that might help you with your biography if you are unsure.
  • Find a photograph of yourself that you are happy to have displayed on this website.
  • Send your biography and photograph to the Mentor Register at

Note: Your biography on the website can be marked as “unavailable” if you request it when you are committed as a Mentor or busy elsewhere.

Setting up the Mentoring agreement

Once a Mentor and Mentee have met and agreed to work together they will need to complete this form and send it to the scheme administrator at After three months you will both be sent a quick survey to gauge how things are going and then again at the end of your partnership so that you can evaluate the scheme.

Any questions about the Mentoring scheme should be sent to