AGM 2023

AGM 2023

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Eastern Region Rowing Council will take place on Thursday 23rd November 2023 from 8.00 pm.

The meeting will be held at Lea Rowing Club, The Boathouse, Spring Hill, London E5 9BL and also on Zoom

The following papers are available for download – further papers to be uploaded as they become available:

Notice of Meeting


Eastern Region Annual Accounts (audited) 2022-23

List of Officers on the Regional Council (page 2 of the Notice)

Memo Regional Representative Election November 2023

Nomination Form Regional Representative November 2023

Nomination Form for Officers

Unapproved Minutes of the 2022 AGM

Chair’s Report 2023

Seb Walker’s initial term as Regional Representative has expired

  • The Region has a vacancy for one Regional Representative,
  • Nominations are therefore invited for two Regional Representatives from affiliated clubs and events in the Eastern Regional. Should there be more than two nominations for any role an election will take place and votes allocated as follows:
  • Each Affiliated Member of British Rowing in the Region shall have one vote.
  • A Regional Representative shall be a member of a Club within the Region they are to represent.
  • Nominations should be forwarded to Andrew Blit, Secretary, Eastern Region Rowing Council ( by 5.00pm on Friday 17th November 2023 using the forms attached. If more than one candidate is nominated, voting papers will be sent to all organisations concerned.
  • Those elected as Representatives are entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings, or Extraordinary General Meetings of British Rowing Ltd as a Regional Representative.
  • No Regional Representative may be appointed for more than three consecutive terms of office. The terms are effective from 1st January 2024.