…and how it interacts with British Rowing…

The Board of British Rowing has overall responsibility for  running British Rowing. 

British Rowing has developed a sporting democracy structure within England based on ten geographical areas, referred to as Regions. Each Region has a Regional Rowing Council to administer the region.

The Affiliated Members of British Rowing (being Rowing Clubs and Competition Organisers) within each Region elect the leadership personnel of each Regional Rowing Council.

The Affiliated Members  elect  one or more Regional Representatives for their Region. These Regional Representatives are the Members of British Rowing, with the right to vote on resolutions at General Meetings of British Rowing. 

The boundaries of each Region are defined by river basins and by the location of Affiliated Members who are members of the Region. The Eastern Region Rowing Council, ERRC,  covers the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdon, Norfolk, Suffolk and the London Borough of Hackney. 

The Regional Rowing Council has adopted a Constitution that governs how it operates. The Council holds a series of Open Meetings throughout the year with an Annual General Meeting in November.

The ERRC Chairman reports through the Regional Chair’s Forum to the Board.

The Sport Committee fulfils a number of specific roles connected with the development of the Sport of Rowing. To assist the Sport Committee in fulfilling its roles the Board has established a number of Standing Committees, with regional representation who report to the Sport Committee, which, in turn, reports on the work undertaken by these Committees to the Board. Members of these Committees, liaise with clubs and members in the region and report to  and from the ERRC through quarterly meetings held around the region.

The different committees include, Coaching, Competition, Events, Juniors, Masters, Recreational, Safety and Umpires.

Further details of how British Rowing,  Regions and Clubs operate can be found in the Corporate Governance Handbook