The purpose, activity and aspirations of YOUR Regional Rowing Council

Your Council is here to serve you 

Eastern Region Rowing Council is in place to further the sport of rowing in all its forms across the East of England. The Council represents the interests of Clubs and Competitions across our region to British Rowing and to support the strategic objectives and policies of British Rowing.

The Council is made up of volunteers who sit on National Committee, have been elected Representatives by the Region or have been co-opted for their skills, experience and energy. Each of us is keen to hear from Clubs and Events so that we can, together, provide safe and enjoyable rowing for all our members.

The Council has lead the way in organising Sharing Good Practice days and bespoke coaching courses as well as delivering framework qualifications. Details of financial support available for those wishing to attend courses is on the Coaching pages of this site.

The Region has, more recently started to run its own racing, not in competition with existing events but alongside and aspiring to provide platforms for our rowers to enjoy their sport even more. The Region is also host to a set of stable quads, provided by Charles Stanley Wealth Managers and facilitates a round-robin of get togethers for those who love a splash and dash.

The formation of the Region is governed by British Rowing Articles and Regulations. The Region adopted this Constitution in November 2019. The Council seeks to hold four open Meetings each year with the Annual General Meeting in November.

Andrew Blit

Chair, Eastern Region