Regional Junior Representative

Opportunity to contribute to junior rowing in the region and nationally.

Helen Knowles, our current regional rep. is having to stand down for personal reasons and the region is looking for someone (or some people!) to pick up the baton and take junior rowing in the East forward. This is an opportunity, also, to contribute to national junior strategy and practice through the National Junior Committee.

Helen writes:

We hope that you have had a successful summer of rowing and are looking forward to the new season.

I am writing is to ask for your support and interest in the regional work to sustain and develop junior rowing in the region.

My position is that I need for medical reasons, to relinquish the role of regional representative, and so the region is looking to find individuals who will be able to continue the work. There are a number of areas involved in the work and it may be possible to share this amongst a small team – rather than one individual. These areas include :

  1. Team manager for the Junior interregional event in April. This involves agreeing the selection process and setting up the necessary events –  with the support of event organisers.
  2. Development of training days – covering both those at the performance end but also opportunities for those new into the sport.
  3. Representing the region at the national junior committee (meetings held virtually as well as face to face)
  4. Developing junior coaching – feeding into regional and national initiatives

Whilst not in a position to carry on I will do my best to support anyone taking on any of these aspects.

If you are interested in any or all of this, please contact Andrew Blit, regional Chair in the first instance to discuss. He can be contacted on:  07976 672238