Eastern Region Initiatives 2021 – Club Learn to Row frameworks

Eastern Region Initiatives 2021 – Club Learn to Row frameworks

As we begin 2021 the Regional Rowing Council intends to develop a series of initiatives to help clubs bring back rowing to our waterways. In this, the first we are looking to share good practice and find ways to help rebuild membership.

While this is principally directed at community clubs we hope that academic bodies will contribute also, and will be able to benefit from lessons learned and the resources developed as a result.

Membership numbers have fallen in many places.  Clubs will be looking to boost their membership through Learn to Row courses when we are free to, when the days are longer (and the weather improves).  In 2021 the Boat Race will take place in the region and it is also an Olympic year when typically there is increased interest in rowing.

The Region would like to know how we can support clubs with their Learn to Row courses, share the good practice already developed and help with the retiention of new entrants into the sport.  Please help the Region to know what clubs would like by completing the survey by 31st January.

    Will your Club run Learn to Row courses?

    Do you have the capacity to manage this number?
    Do you have any L2R courses planned for 2021?
    YesNoNot Yet

    What are your reasons for running L2R courses? (tick all that apply)
    To recuit long term members
    To select athletes for your competitive squads
    To increase income

    About your courses
    Will you run a taster day?YesNo
    Will you use British Rowing course materials? YesNo
    Maximum number on course?
    Number and length of sessions?
    Total cost of course to applicant:
    Will you offer Club membership as part of the cost of the Course?FullPartialNo
    Will you offer BR membership as part of cost of course?YesNo
    Will you offer subsidised places?YesNo
    Course elements/materials used
    Equipment used
    Will you provide a certificate of completion (or equivalent)?YesNo

    Which of the following will you use to promote your courses? (tick all that apply)
    Own website
    Own social media
    Community/gym noticeboards

    About your coaches/volunteers
    How many people are required to staff a session?
    Ideally, which of the following would be deployed? (tick all that apply)
    Senior Club Coach
    Club Coach
    Session Coach
    Other volunteers
    Will you pay any coaches for delivery of courses?YesNo
    Will you offer any other incentives?

    What happens after L2R?
    What % of those who complete the course successfully have gone on to join the club?
    What % of these are typically still members after 1 year?
    What groups can course graduates join?

    How can the Region best support your courses? Please indicate your top 5 "wishes" from the list below and/or write in any further suggestions
    Produce L2R framework document
    Provide training for L2R volunteers and coaches
    Run L2R Sharing Good Practice session(s)
    Lead joint sessions where local clubs come together to share resources and applicants
    Facilitate the sharing of appropriate equipment
    Match applications to club/course availability
    Share L2R course dates to enable end-of-course events
    Run a training camp for L2R graduates from different clubs
    Run an annual L2R event
    Run L2R league
    Promote courses on Regional website
    Signpost to online advice, skills, technical videos
    Any other suggestions

    I am happy for ERRC to contact me