Study into the effect of sport on educational attainment.

Matt Newton of Star Club is compiling a doctoral thesis on the relationship between sporting activity and educational achievement. This is an important and live topic. Matt writes:

An examination of the impact of sport on educational attainment.

This research study looks at young people/ athletes and how their participation in sport impacts upon their education examining particular sociology-demographics, environments and support as well as other factors can affect any relationship.

Further information for about the study students, teachers and coachescan be found here:

Some young people may be contacted to participate in a follow up interview about their questionnaire responses

This is the link for athletes (aged 12-19) to complete if they choose to participate in the study:

I am also looking for 60 participants (30 sports coaches and 30 secondary school teachers) to be involved in a scheduled online focus group that should last approximately 30 minutes. If you are interested, then please drop me an email at