Eastern Region AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Eastern Region Rowing Council will be held on 24th November from 7.30 pm by Zoom. Full Notice of the Meeting and accompanying documentation here.

We have been fortunate enough to secure the services of Helen Rowbotham to speak to this Meeting. Helen’s job title is Director of Rowing Community & Strategy and is a key part of the senior executive team at BR.

Helen is going to give us an overview of the Community & Strategy Team’s structure and objectives and how this translates into practical support for clubs.

The Region needs to recruit an Honorary Secretary and to elect two Regional Representatives. The former role is essential to the running of the Region and is at the heart of decision making

The latter roles exist , formally, to hold British Rowing to account at the AGM but have a highly significant job to do for rowing in the Region. Reps liaise with Clubs and Events to inform decisions taken by the Council and act as a key volunteer disseminating information from national committees and NGB back to Clubs.

Both the Representatives and the Secretary contribute to the strategy of the Council and these are exciting opportunities to get involved. Further details including role descriptions on the Meeting page.

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