Support, Safeguarding, Events – 27th March

Support for Clubs from British Rowing

The Board of British Rowing met on 25th March and agreed to use a portion of the financial reserves held in order to support clubs through the difficulties we face owing to the novel coronavirus. Please see the full announcement here.

In order to identify the needs of Clubs and develop mechanisms to deliver appropriate and timely  help it is vital that BR hears about individual Club circumstances. Please can ALL Clubs use the form on this page to describe their circumstances, what measures are in place for members, what financial or other challenges you anticipate.

Good news stories

Many Clubs are using innovative ways of keeping their members active or are reaching out into the community. British Rowing is keen to report on and spread all examples of good practice and innovation. Please do use the same form (separately) to pass these to BR.


The Board Meeting approved a new Safeguarding Policy which has been published here. All Clubs should make themselves aware of this and regularly check the Guidance page which is being regularly updated with fresh versions of important documents.


When the time does come to get back on the water we all hope that there will be a strong desire to join each other in the joys of competition, however serious or gentle. National Competition Committee is going to be very flexible when it comes to the format of events and calendaring. The Region is VERY enthusiastic about the task of coordinating and facilitating the resumption of safe, fun events. As soon the light at the end of the tunnel turns green we will work with you to exploit all our talents and energy to get the show back on the road.

Andrew Blit, Chair Eastern Region Rowing Council

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